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So guess who found their rose gold lipstick IN THEIR BAG.

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This was supposed to go with rose gold lipstick BUT GUESS WHAT U FORGOT.

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Things my mom does not have: a sense of privacy when it comes to fucking anything.

Yeah let’s just talk about everything private in front of my roomie why don’t you

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This says everything.
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Oh shit we’re all really dumb

Hussie-as-Caliborn getting social media accounts (deviantArt, and possibly Amazon) isn’t just a joke, it’s a plot device.

Homestuck has been slowly breaking format more often the closer we get to the end. Art is no longer confined to panels, John is unstuck from canon, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Caliborn interacting with the internet isn’t just a gag, it’s the next logical step of the story’s plot and themes.

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