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drwotwot replied to your post “God I sent a friend request to someone I had a lot of fun talking with…”

I’m glad you friend requested me coz I’m so shy/lazy that I haven’t requested anyone in over… a year and a half haha

I get u yo. ;A; It took me ages to get the courage to send the friend request. XD I’m just like am I being too creepy??? IS THIS OK??? 

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God I sent a friend request to someone I had a lot of fun talking with at the con and they haven’t replied and just. Regret???? Cuz I can’t take it back now.

This is why I never really send friend requests myself.

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Dear god,do you remember the man with green eyes?
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police are actually taking away and dismantling cameras from reporters so they cant film what is happening

This has been taken off Twitter! Save it!

Signal boost this. Don’t let the police get away with breaking the law!
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General To-Do List For Future Cosplays Cuz I’m Going To College So Not Sure What Cons I Can Go To and Make New Costumes For Yet II

Noodle Remake 

  1. Sew actual jacket (Got fabric for jacket)
  2. Sew shorts
  3. Maybe make a snazzy white shirt to go underneath instead of the ghetto extended hospital t being used rite now???? (not imperative)
  4. Get binder 
  5. Shoesssssss (just gonna use converse screw it)
  6. at least repair current noodle hat
  7. Make actual noodle hat?? 
  • Chicken wire
  • Paperclay
  • Paper mache stuff
  • paint
  • some foam bits for cushioning inside?
  • a lot of sandpaper
  • Cardboard Method?
  • Gesso
  • The heatable plastic stuff


  2. make under kimono bits
  4. bang clips
  5. makeup
  6. the dead headband thing
  7. shoes and socks???

God Tier Aradia

  1. Make arm socks 
  2. Make God Tier Wings


  1. Add white stripes to belt.
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Afest 2014 To Do X



  1. Sew dress (Just gotta do collar and sleeves and belt!!!)
  2. get shoes 
  3. get gloves
  4. get ears and horns
  5. get wig 
  6. style wig???
  8. Contacts

Genderbend Sidney

  1. get shirt
  2. vest (patch up a bit)
  3. shoes (seal paint)
  4. pants
  5. get wig
  6. style wig
  7. makeup
  8. pokeball
  9. contacts 

Mako Mori

  1. get tank
  2. pants
  3. belt buckle (screw it)
  4. shoes (got some that will work)
  5. bang clips
  6. blue extensions (hot topic lol)
  7. style wig
  8. BIG STICK???? (paint)
  9. makeup

God Tier Aradia

  1. Make audition video (I GOT IN????)
  2. reiron hems
  3. reiron velcro 
  4. yup (aka read homestuck)
  5. Make arm socks (next time)

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bluh-bluh—huge-nerd replied to your photo “Guess who’s already started planning some dorm friendly cosplays for…”

haha it never ends, does it? even though i know i shouldn’t, i already have a couple more ideas in the works, and probably no way of doing them for a while…

IT REALLY NEVER DOES. And omfg ikr p much the same.

dashconartist replied to your photo “On my way to afest!!!! #cosplay #unikitty #lego #legomoviecosplay…”

Have fun! I wish I could have gone but I could only afford to go to A-Kon. I doubt anyone would ask but if they do they’ll them Paul used his one day off for the A-Kon meet up. xo

DUDE I MISSED U BRO. ;A; Its so weird not seeing you at afest. XD 

norikotakayas replied to your photo “On my way to afest!!!! #cosplay #unikitty #lego #legomoviecosplay…”

u look so cute wtf

lokislytherinson replied to your post “Time to take a break from sewing and pack a bit. @_@”

have a good time! :)

omg thanks guys way late. XD