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#ootd and #motd for Guardians I’d the Galaxy preview. *u*
Eyeshadow is Riddle me This in the crease and Newb everywhere else. Bottom liner is Apathy by Urban Decay. Lips is Anime by OCC. Everything else is standard look it up on another post.
If u can’t tell, the inspiration is gamora with the green cuz she’s green and the pink from the gradient going on in her hair.
So yeah.
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#tbt to when I was a fuckin WEEB.

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On another note. My eyeliner was ON POINT today.
#excusemyshittyacne #makeup
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Had a lot of fun at the grad banquet with almostholdinghands !!!!!
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Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy had a crap ton of fun at Picnicstuck!!!!!

#homestuck #homestuckcosplay #aradiacosplay #aradiamegido #picnicstuck #dfwstuck
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Uber late motd which is ok since no one cares anyways cuz I never do anything loco.

But yeah p much just penciled in my brows, Lashgasm mascara, and did a really basic wing w/ Kat Von D tattoo liner with waterline lined in Sephora’s jumbo white (gonna try nyx next though). OH and a bit of concealer cuz my acne is shite rite now and clear lip gloss from geek chic but yeah I mainly just kept the focus on the eyes CUZ YO COLOR CONTACTS which are EOS bubble blue from pinky paradise. They are actually Uber comfy and while not particularly natural, give off a perf cartoon vibe for unikitty!!
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It’s a really nice day today. *u*
#yesiamhavingfunwithmycontacts #summer #myimage
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